Pioneer finally shared all the juicy details on their new flagship CDJ  product, the CDJ-2000Nexus.  At first glance, it does not look any different from its predecessor, the CDJ-2000.  This is a good thing since most DJ’s will already be familiar with it.  The learning curve for the upgrade will be minimal.


So what are the key new features of this product and is it enticing enough for me to get one?

  1. Upgraded display.  The display now shows artwork in browse mode, a zoomable waveform, song key information, and a phase meter among others.  This is a step in the right direction.  Is it better than what DVS’ like Traktor or Serato have to offer?  No.
  2. Beat Sync.  This is a welcome addition to the CDJ-2000Nexus.  By ensuring you are always on time, it opens you up to a lot of creative possibilities.  This is especially helpful when you cater to events where BPMs are all over the place.
  3. Wifi connect to computers, phones, tablets through a router.  I’m not sure what to feel about this.  It will probably show its utility in a club setting.  I’m guessing this feature will also be possible on the CDJ-2000.
  4. Traffic light system.  This is a key analysis indicator in the browser and shows you which songs are compatible with the song playing on the master deck.  I love this!  I generally mix in key and find this is a really cool feature.
  5. Hot Cue Auto Load.  All I have to say is: Finally!!!

As the marketing material said, this is an evolutionary and not a revolutionary product.  There’s nothing here that got me in the “must buy one today” mode.  I’m curious about many other things like improvements in HID mode and seek times on larger drives.  Perhaps time and a test run will change my mind.  But ’til then, my trusty CDJ-2000 will still have a place in my performances.

edit: I realize that each new feature represents incremental value.  Looking at all of them as a whole makes the CDJ-2000nexus a more attractive proposition.

Did I miss any really notable feature that might change my mind?  In the meantime, enjoy some performances on the CDJ-2000nexus.

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