The Rane 62 is a feature rich mixer for Serato users.  The only drawback for wedding DJ’s like me is it supports only one microphone.  One approach to overcome this issue is to buy a microphone pre-amp or another small format mixer.  Both will work but it’s another device to connect and need a backup for.

This is a low cost and easy alternative to the above.  This works for the Rane 62 as well as other mixers with AUX IN such as the TTM56 and TTM57.

Cable Solution

You will need a male Stereo RCA on one end and a mono 1/4 inch on the other.

You can use various combinations as long as you get a male stereo RCA on one end and a mono 1/4 inch inch on the other.  I used this combination just because I had them handy.  If you are in the US or Canada, you can buy the adaptors from  The links are below.

RCA Plug to RCA Jack Splitter Adaptor

1/4 Inch Mono Plug to RCA Jack Adaptor

Here’s a simpler Alternative:

1/4 Inch Mono Plug to RCA Jack Splitter Adaptor


Rane 62 Session In

Plug the RCA end of the cable into SESSION IN. Other mixers may call this AUX IN.



Shure PGX24

Connect to unbalanced output.


Rane 62 Session In Knob

Adjust the microphone gain using the SESSION IN knob.

I’ve noticed a couple of caveats to using this solution.

  • The gain level is lower than the standard microphone port.  So to compensate, I had to adjust the gain either on my microphone or raise the SESSION IN gain level to about 2-3 o’oclock.
  • You cannot EQ the SESSION IN of a Rane 62.  Most mixers will probably be the same.