A Guild Inn Estate wedding is a perfect fusion of old and new.  The venue is a heritage and historic property situated in the Scarborough Bluffs area.  However,  it is undergoing renovations to include state of the art A/V equipment.

3 Owls Entertainment is proud to have provided Wedding DJ services for one of their first weddings after the renovation.

The roadwork outside was semi-done.  The roads outside the entrance up to the parking lot have been cemented.  However, the road by the main gate was still mud and dirt.

Guild Inn Estate Wedding view outside

The entrance to Guild Inn Estate is a contrast to the exterior.  It looks more modern much like a community centre.  The venue tends to have staff positioned here to direct guests to the right hall.

Guild Inn Estate main entrance

Going down the stairs, you’ll find the coat room as well as washrooms.

Guild Inn Estate coat room at the basement

The venue has completed construction of one of the halls.  They use the same brands of equipment as us – QSC and Chauvet.  These are indeed among the best in the industry.  Perfect for a Guild Inn Estate Wedding.

Guild Inn Estate wedding hall

Lastly, this is the view from the head table.  The normal DJ booth is actually located on the upper right of this picture below.  Personally, I prefer to be situated at the floor level.  This way, guests can interact with me and easily request songs.

Guild Inn Estate Wedding head table

All in all, the construction at the Guild Inn Estate is coming along well.  This is a beautiful wedding venue. We’re coming back here several times more this year.  Hope to see you at the next Guild Inn Estate Wedding!