First!  Well, one of the firsts…  Guild Inn Estate opened early this year for weddings.  We provided wedding DJ services for Helen & Nelson’s wedding just a couple of weeks after they opened their doors.

One thing you’ll notice about Guild Inn Estate is the abundance of natural light.  This is uncommon for banquet halls like this.

Chinese wedding ceremony indoors at the Guild Inn Estate.

Helen and Nelson’s wedding ceremony was held in the adjacent hall.  The place was fairly new so we were the only wedding that day.

The hookup to Guild Inn Estate’s QSC sound system was pretty straightforward.  We love QSC and we use them ourselves.  So, we felt at home with this venue’s sound system.

Centrepiece for wedding.

The decors were all in place and ready to go.  These were all setup by our wedding planner and MC, Rainbow Chan.  Beautiful work as expected.

Guild Inn Estate wedding at Hall A. View of the room and the DJ booth above the bar.

So, one thing to know about Guild Inn Estate is that the DJ booth is above the bar.  It really wasn’t ideal for the kind of work we do.  We like to interact with guests, take requests and walk around the room to ensure acoustic levels are good.  It’s a good thing we were able to situate ourselves at the ground level.  The staff was able to provide us with a normal table and still hookup to the sound system.

Wedding registration table welcomes guests.

This wedding was a lot of fun!  Our MC facilitated several games to entertain the guests.  We also had a really well thought out set of songs for the grand entrance and First Dance.  Providing Chinese wedding DJ services like this gets me out of bed on a lazy weekend.

We also had a Lion Dance come in to perform for the guests and spread good fortune.  This was provided by the talented team led by Sifu Ash at Wushu Project. I don’t know about you, but playing those cymbals is in my bucket list.

Helen & Nelson's First Dance at the Guild Inn Estate

Party time.  We opened the dance floor with Helen & Nelson’s First Dance.  The venue’s spot lights hovered over them as they swayed their hips to their song.

Guild Inn Estate Wedding Dance Floor.

Guild Inn Estate’s lighting setup is impressive.  They have several moving heads that project light in various shapes and colours.  This kind of light show make the dance floor very conducive to dancing.  As we started to mix in upbeat songs, the guests filled the dance floor.  This was indeed a fun wedding and a great way to start the Spring.