Live Forever As A Playable Vinyl Record

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www.andvinyly.com   We don't usually deal with dark topics here at 3 Owls Entertainment.  But, this one really piqued the interest of music loving vinyl freaks like us. If you've thought about cremation, this is the coolest storage medium for your ashes.  And Vinyly is a company that will make playable vinyl records [...]

Top 10 Man Movies For Father’s Day

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  Tomorrow is Father's Day!  Got plans yet?  No?  Just lounging around the house?  No problem!  Here are some excellent Man Movies you can watch with dear ol dad.  This video is from the same gang that brought you Film Riot on Revision3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfeJgfmrnbM&list=PLD102EF0BEB92546F&index=3&feature=plcp Speaking of Father's day, 3 Owls Entertainment can provide sound, [...]

How to Survive Office Parties

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I've never really thought about proper etiquette when attending office parties.  The ones I've attended were for pretty conservative companies so having too much booze was never an issue.  This video does have some useful tips and conveyed in an entertaining manner. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYYFYGjUIfU

Other Links

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